About Peter

Peter Hall was born in Middlesbrough, Teesside.

Peter went to St. Thomas Moores Primary School before joining Newlands FCJ seniors. It was during his teen years that Peter started developing a passion for boxing and business.

Peter boxed in the novice ABAs which led to him being picked up by the England select team, going on to fight in countries across Europe such as Holland, Scotland & Ireland. It was Peter's drive to be successful in business and property which led to him hanging up the gloves in his early 20's.

Peter bought his first buy-to-let property at the young age of 18, paying only £15,000 on a 100% mortgage, he has gone on to build a property portfolio and has been involved in many regeneration projects across Teesside and laterally, the continent. 

Today, peter works on many charitable initiatives, consults with developers across Teesside and Europe and offers business advice and investments to a wide range of start-ups and established businesses alike.

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